THV White Galingale Extract 5001



THV White Galingale Extract 5001

  • Ingredients per 1 capsule
  • Kaempferia Powder (Finger Root Powder) 280 mg.
  • White galingale extract (Finger Root Extract) 220 mg.
  • Vitamin C (Vitamin C) 60 mg.
  • Vitamin D (Vitamin D) 2 mg

Take 1 tablet daily after dinner or before bedtime.

Kaempferia has medicinal properties. Known in Thai traditional medicine as "Thai ginseng", Kaempferia or Krachai is a species that has been used for a long time. and popularly used for cooking different from Kaempferia Popularly used in properties to enhance sexual performance. Active substances in Kaempferia including PanduratinA and Pinostrobin

Contains flavonoids such as quercetin, kaempferol and essential oils such as pinostrobin, pandurati. N A (panduratinA)

Based on in vitro research from the Center of Excellence in Life Sciences. (Public Organization) (TCELS) together with the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University It was found that white galingale can inhibit the growth of the coviral-19 virus and is 30 times more potent than the Pure Fa Talai Joan extract and 10 times stronger than the ginger extract. is pinostrobin and panduratinA, which will further expand the results of animal and human studies.

Kaempferia is a folk wisdom herb that can be used in many parts. Whether it's rhizomes, roots, leaves, popularly boiled and drunk to treat illness by adding lemon or honey to it. to reduce the bitterness of fresh white galingale rhizomes Some are ground to make medicine in Thai traditional medicine. with immune-boosting properties It also helps relieve symptoms such as:

  • canker sores and mouth ulcers
  • Treating bad breath, sinusitis
  • Helps digestion, relieves flatulence, indigestion
  • It is used as a tonic and tonic.
  • Relieves body aches
  • Relieve dizziness, chest tightness
  • Helps to balance hormones in the body
  • used as a diuretic

Kaempferia extract can show antiviral activity against SARS. In the period after infection and also found that substances panduratin. The pan-duratin of Kaempferia has antiviral activity both before and after infection. It also has the effect of inhibiting the work of AIDS. Anti-dengue virus in the Flaviviridae family and also inhibits picornavirus. (picornaviruses), which cause hand, foot and mouth disease

Can Kaempferia prevent COVID-19?

The two important substances contained in Kaempferia are Pandulatin A, Pinostrobin because of in vitro research found that Kaempferia extract It is effective in inhibiting two forms.

The first form, Pandulatin A, was able to reduce the number of infected cells.

The second is Pinostrobin, an inhibition in the production of virus from cells. which here found Kaempferia extract itself can be inhibited, meaning the cells are unable to produce a new virus from the cell at all.

From in vitro research found that Kaempferia extract It has the ability to inhibit the proliferation of the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) at low concentrations without cytotoxicity. The important substances that have the effect of inhibiting the virus are panduratin A (Panduratin A) and pinotropin. (Pinostrobin)

Benefits of Kaempferia

Help inhibit cancer cells (breast, colon, prostate, lung and leukemia) reduce liver damage. when poisoned It also has benefits for the digestive system, whether it helps reduce flatulence, helps drive wind, resist stomach ulcers. Beneficial for people with stomach problems.

As for Kaempferia, if it is to be consumed whether drinking or cooking There are still some cautions in consuming Kaempferia as follows.

  • Not recommended for children
  • Pregnant women and lactating women.
  • People with severe hepatitis should consult a doctor.
  • It should be avoided in people receiving anticoagulants
  • anticoagulants or platelets and those with low platelet disease
  • If eaten with Fah Talai Thieves The quantity must be calculated accordingly.

Kaempferia should not be consumed continuously for a long time. Because Kaempferia is hot may result in heat or a sore in the mouth

Kaempferia has properties, benefits, helps to treat and relieve many symptoms. and there are also experimental results that Kaempferia can also inhibit the coviral-19 virus as well, however. If anyone is interested in eating Kaempferia It should be eaten in moderation and appropriate, should not eat too much. because it can adversely affect the body

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