Kub Khao Thai Ban

Kub Khao Thai Ban Co., Ltd. was established in the year 2019. Located on Sukhaphiban 2 Road, Prawet District, Bangkok We started the restaurant business of Northeast food and Thai food. We focus on the local Northeast food from Loei province by intending to let our customers taste the real authentic local Northeastern food which many vegetables are the main ingredients. The local fresh vegetables are good for our health and can be used as the medicine as well. Using local vegetables to cook and/or eat fresh can make our customers be healthy. We desire to let people in the city know more about the local vegetables and have a chance to try them.

We use organic seasonal vegetables, well-selected meats, and ingredients at our restaurant. And the most importantly, we do not use any MSG in any dish of our restaurant. We ourselves eat food from the restaurant’s kitchen as well so it likes cooking for our family. Our customers are our family so we would like to treat all both the elderly and young children as the best as we can. We are confident that our food is delicious and valuable to eat. Everyone who comes to our restaurant will have a healthy food which can make them have the power to continue living a good life.

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